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Bass can’t resist

Summer fishing can be a very

productive season, but in order to be successful you need to have the right strategies . Knowing when to go plays the most important role. Lowlight and sunups and sundowns give you the best chances to catch em’.

Unfortunately, those windows of opportunities don’t stick around, which is why you need to maximize your time you have. During these times most anglers run straight to topwater action, but there are more likely bigger fish to haul that you can’t see. If you can step away from the excitement of the topwater bite, you may be in for a BIG treat.

The human eye can’t see UV light, but fish do, and they use it to find prey. During these lowlight periods tie on an ultra violet bait and you may surprise yourself! The water temperature is warmer so the bass will be deeper and around structure, so pick a UV lure that you feel comfortable throwing a little deeper. (The UV Rapala Shad Rap is a great choice for down deep) You can find many lures/ baits ranging from hard plastic to soft plastic with ultraviolet colors, below are a few that you may want to give a shot!

Good luck and tight lines!!

Baits: 1. Storm Giant Flatstick 22 MadFlash; 2. Rapala Deeptail Dancer UV Bright; 3. Storm Wiggle Wart MadFlash; 4. Panther Martin FishSeeUV; 5. Tightlines UV Craw; 6. Storm ThunderStick MadFlash

~F&S encyclopedia of summer~


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