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Sight Fishing-tips on catching spawning bass

It’s no secret, during this time of year it’s an awesome opportunity to catch your new PB (personal best). Depending on how you are fishing, it could take 3 minutes or hours to actually get the spawning bass to grab on long enough for you to set the hook. The most important tool you will need is a good pair of polarized sunglasses. When sight fishing, it’s very important to find a spot far enough, yet close enough to be able to see the fish without spooking it away. After you are in a good spot, you will need to find the right lure setup. You may have to try multiple soft plastics/setups and switch back and forth until you are able to make the bass mad enough to attack or pick up the bait. (See below for types of baits and setups to use) Now that you have your weapons of choice, it’s time to see if or how long it will take to land the bass. If the bass is easily spooked away, you may want to move on and find another opportunity. If the bass spooks and then comes back fairly quick, there is a good chance it is catchable. Remember patience and persistence is key! The most effective technique when casting is to cast past the bed or spawning area and slow drag your bait into the bed. After doing this several times you should notice the bass getting antsy or mad. The bass will most likely pick up your bait to try to move it out of the bed. At this point you should be able to set the hook as long as you are quick and precise with the hook set.

By following these tips and techniques you should be able to land a bass to tell all your buddies about.

Good luck and tight lines!

Here are a couple tips that will help you during your adventure:

•You want your bait to stay on the bottom so heavier baits/weights will be key.

•Having a bait you can’t see will help your chances when setting the hook.


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